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    wmlscript on 6600

    Dear All:
    I have a wmls file which work well in other handset device .
    But Nokia 6600 always show command error
    What could I do to let the script work??


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    Same problem - 6600 doesn't suppport wmlscript


    I have the same problem. I'm trying to use a very simple wmlscript on the Nokia 6600, but it just comes up with:

    "Services: Problem with script"

    error message.

    It works fine on all other models

    Anyone have any ideas why? or how to get around this?


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    Could someone confirm this?

    I have the same problem. WMLScripts
    that work on e.g. Nokia 3650 and
    Sony Ericsson P900 doesn't work on
    Nokia 6600. Could someone
    confirm that wmlscript work or don't
    work on 6600?

    If it should work It would be nice with
    a trivial example since the examples
    in the wmlscript tutorials I've found
    on the web doesn't seem to work.

    Best regards
    Robert Andersson

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