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    obfuscating native methods

    Hi there,

    Most obfuscators start at a single entry point and construct a tree of all classes accessible from that point. There may be a problem when this tree is expanded and reach a native method (not java). So the obfuscator tries to extract information, through the reflection mechanism, from a resource it "thinks" it is a Java class, and then it gets an error. The Wireless Toolkit Engineering Team had this same problem in the Sun WirelessToolkit and to avoid it, they have created an "emptied out" MIDP API, that is, a MIDP API without the native methods. But I want to obfuscate source code which uses Nokia proprietary API, besides the classes defined in CLDC and MIDP. And these proprietary classes probably call native methods. So how can I solve that? How can I avoid the obfuscator to stop in these native calls?
    Thanks in advance


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    Have you tried? Most obfuscators are smart enough to avoid this problem...

    (Otherwise you couldn't obfuscate anything... all Java programs must eventually call a native method.) (Except a trivial case with no input or output, before anyone pulls me up!)

    (So far as I know, emptyapi.zip is only there for RetroGuard... other obfuscators don't seem to have a problem.)


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