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    Error when installing SIS on phone


    When I try to install my SIS File on the phone I get the error message 'Datei fehlerhaft' which means something like 'File has errors' during the installation process.
    Did I make a mistake when creating the sis file? My .pkg File looks like this:
    ; avatar.pkg

    ;Language - standard language definitions

    ; standard SIS file header

    ;Supports Series 60 v 0.9
    (0x101F6F88), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}




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    No idea of actual problem in your case but try these few tips:

    ; standard SIS file header
    - Check the UID is correct and add that TYPE=SY

    ";Supports Series 60 v 0.9
    (0x101F6F88), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}"
    I don't know the purpose of this line, do you know ? I have not this kind of lines on S80. What is that uid ?

    - Try to compile for Thumb ('abld build thumb urel') and after that:

    - Check that your resource file is found from that given folder (armi\urel\avatar.rsc or thumb\urel\...) If not correct the path. In my case the path is \epoc32\data\z\system\apps\...

    - If your application contains aif data (avatar.aif), add it to sis generation too. If not it would be nice to create a aif file. It gives an icon for your application.

    Br V

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    Dunno if it's a typo, but in your last line it misses the "!" character:



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