I got a query from customer regarding using xhtml to write a page for video playing. On most web pages, say you go to a page where a video clip is available, you can click on a PLAY button to play the video directly, or a SAVE button to store the file into the machine for further viewing. Do you have any idea on whether this presentation can be implemented using xhtml on mobile phones? Say on a 6600/6230 ?

eg. from a fashion video page, I select the resolution and the file is downloaded on my phone. Then, two buttons are available

| video |
| |
1 2
Normally, 1 is displayed as "Options" where you can select PLAY, SAVE, CANCEL, while 2 is normally CANCEL.

Any idea on how to change these 2 buttons as PLAY and SAVE respectively ? So to limit the buttons for users to click on ?

Thanks a lot