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    9290/9210 HTML Browser Connection

    OK, I actually got my SDK today and have installed it but how do I setup an internet access point to work with my corporate network?


    Posted by Nicholas Hoh, nick@seven.com
    on May 06, 2002 at 20:16

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    RE: 9290/9210 HTML Browser Connection


    Please read the document named "Setup Connection Between Nokia 9210 Emulator & NT RAS Server" posted at the Symbian - Documents link from Forum Nokia Website.

    FN Developer Supoport

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    help me to configure the 9210 emulator to windows xp

    dear sir,

    I am a postgraduate student from bangalore, india.

    I am working on 9210 emulator.
    my system configuration is windows xp professional,MSVC++ 6.0, nokia 9200 series communicator sdk.

    I have gone through document which says how to configure NT RAS and nokia 9210 emulator which is there in nokia website but i am having windows xp.

    can u help me to configure my my 9210 emulator so that i can access internet from my emulator and also to run tcp/ip based applications.

    thanks in advance
    vinayaka karjigi

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