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    How will I know the number of lines and number of chareacters per line of the device

    How will I know the number of lines and number of characters per line of the device that accesses my wap/xhtml site? So that I'll know how to diplay my content properly. I have some content which generates a lot of text and I want the content to be chopped off depending on the number of characters the deveice support and just put a "next" link to view the continuation of the content.

    Also, php genereates the wml and xhtml code.

    Any1 knows how to do it?

    So I can not get the error message "File too large" again.


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    Use WURFL:

    Wireless Universal Resource File

    The added PHP parser is not really good, but you can parse it yourself, because the structure of that XML file is very simple.



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