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    series 60 2.0 and ms .net 2003

    Hi, I downloaded series 60 sdk v. 2.0.

    This is what's written on the forum nokia tool section:

    Series 60 SDK 2.0 for Symbian OS
    Series 60 SDK 2.0 for Symbian OS enables C++ application development for devices based on the Series 60 Platform. The SDK is based on Developer Platform 2.0 for Series 60 and Symbian OS v7.0s. It is compatible with the Nokia 6600 imaging phone and includes all key functionality needed for application development (documentation, API reference, add-on tools, emulator, and target compiler) when used in conjunction with an IDE. This version supports Borland C++BuilderX, Microsoft Visual C++.NET, and Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
    NOTE: Java Runtime Environment v 1.3.1 and ActivePerl 518 need to be installed before this SDK is installed.

    Well.. visual c++ 6.0 does not work properly on my pc maybe because I have windows xp pro. So I installed .net 2003 but the instruction for templates of the application wizard iand the epoc toolbar in the symbian sdk are referred to visual studio 6.0. However I found the right directory but the templates of visual c++ .net 2003 have different extensions and so the nokia app wizard templates are not recognized.

    Hope you can help me, I must work on this in order to start the project that will give me access to the degree.
    And hope I didn't post something already existing on this forum.

    many thanks

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    AppWizard and Epoc Toobar are only compatible with VC++ 6.0, so you are out of luck in that respect.

    The SDK (emulator and compilation environment) works fine with VS.NET, but creating a software project from scratch will be a PITA.

    I suggest that you get a skeleton application project from someone who has access to VC++ 6.0 and then import it to VS.NET. There is a third party tool called EpocFromMMP that can import Symbian OS mmp-projects to VS.NET. That can be found from http://wallsmedia.narod.ru/epoc/

    There is a pretty good text written about using VS.NET with Series 60 SDK at http://perso.wanadoo.fr/klisa/3650/Index.html . From that page you can also download a skeleton Series 60 project you can use as a basis for your own project (e.g. import that to VS.NET using EpocFromMMP).

    IMHO, approach suggested by the latter webpage is superior to using EpocFromMMP, but requires lot of manual work that your assignment probably won't justify.

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