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    3rd Party Bluetooth Devices with Nokia Connection Manager

    I must start by stating until now I have been a firm believer in Nokia?s developments in the mobile phone arena and have had no hesitation in recommending them to friends & colleagues.

    I have recently acquired a 6310i for developing PIM software with Bluetooth capabilities but disappointingly discovered the connection manager will only see the Virtual COM Port created by the Nokia Bluetooth device.
    I joined the forum only to find angry customers and unanswered questions regarding this issue.

    Could you please clarify.
    Will there be a release of the Nokia connection manger that will detect Virtual COM Port created by 3rd party Bluetooth devices.

    Since I am supposed to be developing software to run on Toshiba laptops with onboard Bluetooth devices in a company which insists on standardising the equipment they use.
    A quick clear responsive is required before all employees get issued a 6310i on my recommendation.

    Thanks in advance

    Desmond Lee

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    RE: 3rd Party Bluetooth Devices with Nokia Connection Manager

    Hi Desmond,

    You and I are in the exactly same position. The Nokia BT solution is a laugh.

    You hit the nail on the core problem (connection manager and third party virtual com ports), and I have with varying intervals, been in here to shout at Nokia. But nothing happen.

    It feel like Nokia have tricked me, and have made the connection manager check for some hidden value in installed virtual com ports, just to make sure that only Nookia hardware can do synch.

    My intention was to develop lods of great software for Nokias new mobile platform, using java and bluetooth.

    Now I find that connection manager will not connect using third party BT hardware, and that the java development system is quite limited.


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