I'm developing MIDlet with JBuilder 9 under WindowsXP (with SP1).
JBuilder runs fine, debugging goes fine (as long as it is 'regular' java, not a MIDlet).

But debugging a MIDlet is virtually impossible. Some of the debugging goes fine. I can step over/in/out, see variable values, etc. But I keep having these problems and they make debugging very hard:

1. Showing the call-stack may cause my emulator to hang, sometimes JBuilder hangs or sometimes I can not properly close the emulator (when i close JBuilder, it says the MIDlet is still running, although no processes are shown in the windows' Task Manager...)

2. Setting break-points will cause the midlet to stop at these break-points, but there is no visual feedback. I can't see where the current execution line is. Also, the call-stack (if working properly) shows me either i'm in the function 'obsolete()' (what is that!?) or inside runCustomCode() (???? I'm already in my midlet code, just calling a method). Stepping over seems to do nothing until the code is suddenly done with the method i was trying to debug and all works well again.

3. Debugging code that is executed within a paint() event handler is almost impossible. Sooner or later the debugger will hang or crash.

Has anyone else had these problems? If so, how did you solve them.

Thank you very much!
-- Anton Spaans.