Hello everybody

God ......I have a problem!!!! -_-!!!

My customer want us to build a emulator that support UEI interface , and it will provide J2ME developers to debug their Java applications from Sun One studio IDE.

And I had download MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.04 's RI(Reference Implement),unfortunately I can't find the UEI command from RI's source code!

After reading ur "Developing Wireless Applications using Sun One studio Mobile Edition 4.0 article", I still have no idea about "How to integrate UEI to my PC Emulator ".

But I found WTK 2.1 's emulator support UEI commands , or like siemens', nokia' emulators are supported ,too.

Finally,could u "give me a sense" that "how to support ex: Xquery or Xdebug or Xrunjdwp........... (UEI command)on my emulator"???

Could anyone can send to me the UEI parser's source code??

Or u can send relate url or articles with this question to me!!!!

Very Thanks


Thanks God