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    Which Models works on SDK 2.1

    Sir, i am using nokia sdk 2.1 which provides me connectivity with the pc thru IR port. I have to receive and send sms using this software. i have developed an app. an VB6.0, but now nokia 8250 is not available in the indian market. Which other new phones will work on this platform
    VB 6
    NOKIA SDK 2.1
    Puneet Khurana
    softsols @ rediffmail.com

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    Sms application

    Hi guys,
    I know that for sms application you have to buy Nokia 6150,5110,6110 with Data Suite connectivity.
    These mobiles willbe coming with DKU 5 cable.
    If you have any doubts ask me ..contact me: mibrahimonline@yahoo.co.in

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