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Thread: BT dongle

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    BT dongle

    hi i am devolping a bluetooth controller in codewarrior, i am trying to enable the bluetooth on the emulater but it gives me a system error.
    i am using a bluetooth dongle for the communication link.
    i have read the:
    Setting Up and Using the Bluetooth Testing Environment for Series 60 Platform.pdf
    it says that i have to install a BT card in the pc and configure the port to 4.
    does anyone know if you can use a BT dongle?
    if yes could anyone help me.

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    well, I doubt it. What I've heard so far is that you can use emulator only with some specific bluetooth card...

    I'd be very pleased if someone corrected me and say that it is possible...:-) but I don't believe that

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    You should be able to. In most of the BT software you can set it up so that you have a virtual com port. If the Com port os 4 then it should work ok.

    Or are you talking about something completely different??

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