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    SEC parameter for Browser settings


    In the example given in OMA_Client_Provisioning_for_Series_40_v1_1_en.pdf

    The SEC parameter descides the security method to be used (Userpin method in example). The WSP header with SEC parameter is
    WSP explained:
    01 TID
    06 PDU Type (PUSH)
    2F1F2D Headers Length
    B6 Content-Type - application/vnd.wap.connectivity-wbxml
    9181 SEC - USERPIN
    92 MAC
    3645334234333032324133324232333941463736 MAC value
    00 End of MAC-value

    What is the WSP header if no security method is to be used


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    AFAIK, security is compulsory in oma settings.
    You can read this at the begining of the document you relate.

    So you have to choose among the 4 types of security for oma.
    What most of the people use is the UserPin method.

    Hope that help.


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    I don't think security is compulsory. If you take a look to OMA specification Provisioning Content Version 1.1, you will find that:

    "The connectivity media type may contain security information, which is transported as parameters to the media type
    application/vnd.wap.connectivity-wbxml. The security information consists of the message authentication code and the
    security method. The parameters MAC and SEC have been defined for this purpose and these MUST be supported by
    the WAP client."

    Note the use of "may" referring to security information, and the use of MUST referring to MAC and SEC.

    Note that in OMA_Client_Provisioning_for_Series_40_v1_1_en.pdf, nokia says:

    For Series 40 products covered by this manual (Nokia 6220), security is mandatory.

    So, this is a Nokia interpretation of OMA client provisioning...

    I think that WSP headers, without MAC and SEC must be

    01 TID
    06 PDU Type (PUSH)
    01 Headers Length
    B6 Content-Type - application/vnd.wap.connectivity-wbxml

    Hope that help


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    i had tried to do with a example (2 SMS binary messages) in s40 1.1 document but my phone was received: "'Verification failed, settings was discarded". i think, wrong example?

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