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    I'am trying some gif images on the Nokia 7210 emulator on a wml page using the img tag. Some images are displayed while some others are not. What could be the reason ? Does it have something to do with the colors in the image or the color depth
    of the phone ?

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    It is very important to solve as small images as you can to basic Nokia WAP browsers (not 3650 or 6600). As I can see, for example, 3510i can display GIF images smaller than 3000 bytes!

    When I was produced GIFs to 3510i, I had to convert them with "WEB" palette by PhotoShop. This resulted the smallest images. "Exact palette" encoding was worse.

    If you would like to determine the browser device's capabilities, use WURFL:

    Wireless Universal Resource File

    This is really good.



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    gif images on the Nokia 7210

    First of all,

    you have to know that the screen of the 7210 is 128 x 128 pixels, with 12-bit color depth, or 4,096 colors.

    Knowing this you can go and use your favorite image editing software, ie. photoshop, open the gif image you're trying to upload, and set the image size to 128 x 128 or less, depending if you want to keep the original image ratio.

    Also try to use a resolution of 72 pixels/inch or less.

    Then save the image (as a web gif in the case you are converting a jpg image), and you are ready to upload it.



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