I have installed NMSS SDK 1.3 and try to run the example: 'ant run-mms-send-with-mm7'. In the emulator server console, it has an error message:

[ERROR] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.mms.mm7.MMSSender: submit request has not finished successfuly [message id=null]: {status code=4005,status text=Service error,details=null}

What does this error means?

The following are the log messages displayed in the GUI:
'system' 'DEBUG' 'MMSHandlerBean got MMSMessage.'
'system' 'DEBUG' 'Validating the MMSMessage'
'system' 'DEBUG' 'DefaultValidator: MMSMessage OK (no real validation done)
'system' 'DEBUG' 'Sending the request to UI'
'system' 'DEBUG' 'Got response from ui'
'system' 'DEBUG' 'Returning the response.'