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    GIF as link, wml


    I'm using wml language and GIF images as links.
    But none of them shows up as GIFs! Only the "alt="text"" shows up instead..

    It works in my SDK 5100, but not on my own 5100 phone.. =/

    The link looks like this:

    <a href="pic/index.wml"><img src="pic.gif" alt="text"/></a>

    Any clue??

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    Sorry people!

    Hi again!

    I was only about to say that I'm sorry..
    I have already figured it out what the problem was.

    It was such an easy misstake that I didn't even think of it.
    The GIF's was using a capital letters.. Like this:
    And I had used:
    to link it... So it was a kiddie misstake..
    I hope I didn't make anyone not sleeping at nights because of my problem =)

    Thanks everyone on this forum for the help!!

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