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    6600 image not displayed

    Hi ,

    I am trying to use a large tiled image (292x120) , the image is displayed , clipped , and drawn correctly on the 3650 device , but for some reason only a part of this image (clipped ) is not shown on the 6600 device , where as when I flip the same image that missing part is shown ..

    So basically no problem with image loading , but some issue with how big image can be drawn.

    Also some times( 1 'ce in 15 tries) the image becomes invisible (that too only when flipped) on the 6600 device .. and 3650 is not showing these problems

    I have already used , the clipRect after all setClips , can anybody guide.

    Can anyone help.
    Thanks in advance.

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    On the 6600 I've noticed that sometimes DirectGraphics.drawImage() does not seem to work correctly after Graphics.clipRect() has been used. In which case you should use setClip() rather than clipRect() to set the clipping region.

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