I posted the following question to the Symbian Tools&SDK discussion board 3 weeks ago, but received no reply -- perhaps I did not post to the right group.

I need to limit the size of the 3GPP video generated by Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0 running in console mode, but the '-sl' sizeLimit parameter does not appear to affect the output video size.

The command I use is:

MMConverterCon.exe -i video.avi -o video -p -sl100

The resulting video.3gpp is 160kilobytes.

Has anyone been successful in using the '-sl' parameter in console mode?



PS Since the original post, I noticed that the documentation for MMConverter notes that the -sl parameter is "soon coming". Does that mean that this parameter is not supported in the November 3 release of the converter? If so, when can I expect this parameter to be supported?