Dear Nokia Experts,

I am a newbie for Nokia 9210 SDK. I am considering how to add CBA buttons dynamically for my application.
Let's illustrate my question by an example.
1. Say, with the initial view (view0), the CBA buttons are the following: View0Button0, View0Button1, View0Button2, View0Button3.
2. After I click "View0Button0", the app switchs from view0 to view1, and the CBA buttons should also be updated to: View1Button0, View1Button1, View1Button2, View1Button3.

Since I know that the CBA button resource is declared in the .rss file. However, it seems that this .rss file only declares CBA resource for "view0". Is it possilbe to declare another CBA button resource for "view1" in this file? If possilbe, how? If not, what is the best way to solve my problem?