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Thread: SMS FAQ List

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    SMS FAQ List

    Let us know if you have a question which you think belongs on the FAQ list!

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    How do I configure Hyperterminal to connect to my Nokia phone?

    In order to send AT commands to my Nokia phone, I need to configure Hyperterminal somehow. How?


    There could be an entire document on how to configure Hyperterminal so the phone will accept AT commands. Unfortunately it seems that most of the time this is one of those areas where you just need to try and try and try with different settings until you get it right.

    Here are some very simplified instructions on how to get it configured:

    a)Connect the phone to your computer - do it using IR, Bluetooth, cable, whatever.
    b)Determine what com port the connection is using.
    c)Configure Hyperterminal to use that same com port.
    d)Try different settings until you get it to work.
    e) Try using ATE1 command to enable echo on Terminal.
    f ) With bluetooth and Nokia phones use Dial Up Network profile.

    A good sign that the connection is working, is if you get an "OK" response when you write AT<return>.

    A much better sign is if you give AT+CSQ<return> and get back an answer that is *not* +99,99. (some other number as an answer) This is the measure of signal strength, and is a clear sign that you are communicating with the phone.

    If these instructions don't help, it may pay to surf the internet for a while and look for other hints. Use the phone model, "connectivity", "at commands", "data connection", etc... as search words.

    For the Nokia 51xx and 61xx models, you may need to have Nokia Data Suite installed and active in order for the connection to work. Nokia Data Suite acts as some sort of modem for these phones.

    -paul / ForumNokia
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    How many characters fit in a single SMS message?

    How many characters can fit in a single SMS message? Sometimes I only have like a few characters, but my message gets sent as several messages for some reason -- what's up?


    (ForumNokia comment: Big thanks to user "Keypad", who provided this answer. The material on dreamfabric seems well explained - another good starting place for SMS info.)

    Here's a very simple description of how characters are handled in SMS you send.

    You can send 160 characters in an SMS, assuming you send certain characters from this chart: http://www.dreamfabric.com/sms/default_alphabet.html

    By certain I mean the characters *not* starting with 0x1B in the left column of that chart. Such characters will instead take two characters when sent in an SMS.

    - If you for instance send an SMS with only 'a' in it, you can send 160 characters.
    - If you send an SMS with only vertical bars in it, you can send 80 characters.

    If you mix such characters, you can figure out yourself how many characters will get place in one SMS.

    Then we have the case that you send characters *not* in this chart. Then you can send 70 characters in one SMS.

    A bit more technically, you can send 140 bytes in an SMS. A phone tries to send 7-bit characters, which mean you can get room for 160 characters (140*8/7). Some of the 7-bit characters needs to be escaped, as you can see in the link above. If you have one or more characters in the SMS, that is not part of this chart, the entire SMS must be sent in unicode. Then 70 characters can be sent, since each character will take two octets. In theory, you could send 8bit SMS, but I'm not sure your phone does that.

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