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    The Nokia 9210i is the shittiest nokia phone ever! - Don't buy it!

    I recently bought the Nokia 9210i communicator.
    Was in good hope as I spent $600 (USD) for the new
    phone along with accessories.

    I used it for a month or so. One day while I was walking
    on the wet grass I slipped, my phone was in my nokia
    leather case which was in my pocket.

    When I got up and checked the pda interface for the
    communicator the inside tft screen had been cracked.
    Althought the outside covering screen was just fine,
    as brand new.

    Althought it had no direct contact with the ground and
    even it was grass. And I even didnt fall on the phone.

    Everything was working fine except the screen was cracked
    and broken. The phone connected to my PC, hddisk, software
    and OS in it all where okay, no scratches from down to bottom
    nothing... no engravements on the casing even if some pressure was applied if I had fall on of the phone and pressed it so
    it's screen had cracked.

    Absolutely nothing. I was making calls, sending calls through
    the outside phone, sending and reciving sms everything was working fine.

    The casing was A-1 looked as if, it was a brand new phone
    just bought now from the market.

    When I checked for warranty to my nokia dealer they said
    it cannot go undergo warranty. So then I asked them to
    repair the pda screen inside and they estimated me a cost
    of $250 (USD).

    For the fuck sakes of $250 I can buy a new Nokia 6610 here, understand you fuckwit nokia.

    Your phone the communicator sucks, the fuckin thing aint even durable, it has no resistance, if it drops one time, the whole $600 phone is worth shit, meaning $0.

    I used the 3310, 3315 and 2100 for a couple of months, they slipped once and fell from my hand onto a direct ceramic tiled floor, once on the pavement and there working fine.

    So if you buy a $600 dollar phone, compared to a $50 one. The $50 one is durable while the $600 dollar one can fuck you alive.

    When someone spends money on a phone, they expect to get the least out of it, not to spend more money on it, coz the fucking manufacturer has no quality control over the product.

    Nokia has made me pissed off for the last time.
    I hope and suggest you guys not to support and by nokia
    products anymore, as they are not upto the standard, the price you pay for the thing whish you wish to buy is not worth it, kthx.

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    Re: The Nokia 9210i is the shittiest nokia phone ever!

    well its true that nokia 9210i not good, i used it only for a month,and one day i opened the pda,just went blank,i have noticed that the flex connector are broken. man it sucks

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    Re: The Nokia 9210i is the shittiest nokia phone ever!

    Information added related to little bit old device, which wasn't so bad than these two guys are telling

    It was the first communicator model with color display and I loved it.

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