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    Problem 3300 & 7250i support xhtml over wap 1.2.1?

    i just wanna to ask whether 3300 is really support xhtml over wap 1.2.1? Everything is fine via 3300 SDK. But when i test the xhtml page with icons via 7250i real phone, i got the problem that the icons doesn't display & the whole page is blank.Things also happen when i test with nokia 3100 real phone.Could anybody there help regarding to this issue?Is it because of wap 1.2.1 doesn't support xhtml or may be others reason?thanks for advance!!!

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    Nokia 3100, Nokia 3300 and Nokia 7250i all support XHTML MP over WAP. Could you post here the XHTML code you are using or if I can test this online, please let me know the URL.


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