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    How to use series 60 SDK 2.0 to build .app for Symbian OS 6.1 devices?

    I downloaded the "Polytube" example, and I can use SDK 2.0 to build and run it on the emulator.

    The polytube.sis installation file runs perfectly on my 7650, but when I rebuilt the source and installed the program to my 7650 handset and execute the program, it gave me an "system error" message.

    I tried the THUMB and ARMI builds, none of them works.

    Is this because SDK 2.0 can't build applications for version6.1 phones, or there is something wrong with my building configurations?

    Thank you for reading this message.

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    You are in correct way to find teh problem. You can develop application within latest symbian SDK, but if you want to run that software on early versions you must compile it with that correspond SDK. If no compilation errors occure that sw should be able to install to that older device.

    If you use some new API sure you are not able to run that binary in the older device.

    Obviously the application should not use some hidden new features...

    >>Is this because SDK 2.0 can't build applications for version6.1 phones
    Yes ! you must always re-compile within 6.1 and hope the sources are compatible.

    br V

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