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    BT point to point example cant work in 7650 and N'GAGE

    hi there,
    i really need help here ,the BT point to point cant be install in 7650 and N-GAGE .It stated system error.The weird part is that it can be install in the 6600 .I did modify the .pkg file just to suit the product UID base on the phone platform version but it still cant install to 7650 and the NGAGE.Can anyone tell me or pinpoint me what is wrong with it .

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    I saw a similar problem on the N-Gage.

    You need the build the N-Gage app with the appropriate version of the SDK (v1.2 Nokia edition). If you try building it with the platform 2 SDK (as you would for the 6600) then you just get a system error.

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