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    URL or Link in MMS

    I nokia expert and gurus in MMS
    I have successfully send m-notifcation-ind to mobile via SMS
    but I like to display a mms with a link or url in it, i have tried attach a wml into a mms, it works only on 6600, other phones like 6610, and 3xxx not work, it download the mms from my web server, (i can see it by the log file) but it can not been displayed . content unknow,

    Any solution to reach my goal, send a link ro url to mobile, (not SI or SL).



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    Check the MMS FAQ list at the top of this DiBo.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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    I am trying to handle the MMS m-send.req or the wsp.connect REQUEST when a MMS is sent. Do you know whether it is possible to handle these events using the MMsvSessionObserver class or not?

    Thanks in advance,

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