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    Can we show a exe application as a icon in the grid...Urgent


    I am developing an application which is treated as a exe in the target type. But has all the UI functionality. This is the need of the requirement. So now another requirement is to show this application as a icon in the grid, so that the user can launch it from the grid itself. The reason for making it exe is to solve the global static problems and also it starts up many services along with creating a UI frame work. Now the problem i am facing is i am not able to show up the exe application in the form icon in the emulator grid. But when i lauch this exe with some other app then i am able to see the icon in the task list. Can anybody help me in this matter....how to show a exe as a icon in the emulator grid similarly like a app shows up a icon.

    Thanks in advance.

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    a simple solution would be to make a launcher as app, that is shown in all normal places and when somebody runs it, it just launches the exex and exits it self.


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