Let's assume:

I have the newest possible Nokia phone available. The phone has a standard SIM card and an MMS/GPRS subscription from the service provider network. I have cables/IR/bluetooth whatever connected from the phone to a PC.

I want to:

1) Compose a basic SMS and MMS message, send it to some other GSM phone in the network.

2) Receive both MMS and SMS messages and be able to parse and retreive the very basic information in the messages (not any video SMIL whatever complex stuff)

3) to produce a basic log file of the actions above (maybe hundreds of KB?) for later purposes and to be transferred to the PC.

What do I need?

- the necessary client/application software in the phone? (the easies possible phone+software package to do the tasks)
- the necessary client/application software in the PC?
- what are the already available components for this?