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    Remote configuration of Internet settings

    Can Internet settings for the Nokia 9210 Communicator be configured remotely?

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    RE: Remote configuration of Internet settings

    The Nokia 9210 Communicator can be configured remotely using Symbian's Bearer Independent Object (BIO) messaging. The BIO messaging support of the Nokia 9210 Communicator is similar to Nokia Smart Messaging. For further information, see "Nokia 9210 Communicator Remote Configuration Guide" and "Smart Messaging Specification 3.0.0" on Forum Nokia web site.

    Don't know how long these links will be good for, but as of today they work. If they are broken, just do a search, they should show up.

    Remote Config Guide

    Smart Messaging Sectionhttp://forum.nokia.com/main/1,6668,1_2_5,00.html

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