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    Time and Timezones

    How will the Nokia phones handle Time and Timezones. For example, will the Java-enabled phones set their time and timezones from the network, or will the user setup the time manually.

    Am I also correct to assume that if the user sets up the time, there is no timezone concept on the phone similar to how Palm OS prior to 4.x had not timezone concept.

    If this is the case, how can we detect that the device has no timezone defined?

    Currently, all the J2ME emulators I have tried including the Nokia emulator only provide the UTC and GMT timezones, will the real phones have others defined?

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    RE: Time and Timezones

    Another answer from my Java Guru friend.

    This is posted as is, I take no credit or blame for the answer.

    "The Java runtime get its time info directly from the handset which the user should have set in the first place. If the user doesn't set the clock on their phone, Java can't magically know what time it is. Also, since the user doesn't set a time zone on their phone, then Java can't access that info currently. Why would an application need to know what time zone a user was in anyway?"

    Hey Java Guru Guy, why don't you set up your own account?

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