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    communication problem with a 6310i over a serial cable


    i'm trying to communicate with a 6310i over a serial cable.

    although i've setup the modem and PC Suite for 6310i,
    it doesn't respond.(i setup PC Suite just for a control)
    No connection is available (seen) from PC Suite.
    "No phone connected" is written at the Nokia Connection Manager screen.

    There's nothing wrong with the ports 'cause another phone is working.So i thought the data cable is the problem so i altered with a newer one but result has still been the same.

    also i couln't get any response with hyper terminal ,from the port or modem.

    so if you can help me to find the problem i'll be very pleased

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    You don't mention your Windows OS version. Do you have chance to use IR, just to be sure that it's not the cable...

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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