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    Bluetooth Search, Memory Resident Java App On 6310i Possible ?

    I'm new to mobile development and before I start messing about with it all I wondered if what I planned is even possible.

    On a nokia 6310i, which is aparently MIDP 1.0, can you create a java application that will stay resident in memory and search for a bluetooth device (PC) every 10 seconds for instance, upon finding it then download data via the bluetooth connection. It's part of a home automation system i've written.. when the mobile phone comes into range with the controlling station I intend to turn on lighting, music etc as the person is obviously home.

    Is this even possible or am I severly confused as to the capabilities of java applications on mobile phones and the facilities available to the developer... can you even use the bluetooth/irda facilities from your own apps and can the apps even stay resident in memory on the phone.

    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated, although I'm not a newbie developer I am when it comes to mobile phones and it's all quite confusing until I start to look into it more.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't think that the 6310i supports the Bluetooth API, so you can't talk to a Bluetooth device from a Java application on that phone (you can on a 6600, for example).

    It depends on what you mean by "memory resident". Java applications don't run in the background on the 6310i


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    Thanks m8...

    Yes I meant can they run in the background on the phone, a constant monitor program looking for a particular bluetooth ID.

    Another method would be to constantly scan from the PC side for the nokia's bluetooth ID.. im not sure if the API functions for a bluetooth device on a PC are standard or I would require an SDK for the correct model, in this case a belkin USB dongle :/

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