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    Dialog button vs softkey button

    Hi Symbianish..

    I created a button handling for the left softkey and right key on OfferKeyEvent function, so if the user push the left or right softkey the app do something. Somewhere in my application, I also made a dialog using iEikonEnv->InfoWInL function. This function showed up a dialog with a right button keys, so when i push the button, the dialog dissappear.
    The problem is I have defined right or left softkey handling, so when the dialog appear with its button, The result of pushing the buton on dialog will also execute the event that I have defined on Offerkeyfunction. How can I differ those button? So when I push on dialog, the dialog just dissapear, and not executed the event generated by OfferKeyEvent function.

    Lots of thanks

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    Re: Dialog button vs softkey button


    You can differentiate the softkeys by checking the ID of the softkeys in the function where u are handling the press.


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    Re: Dialog button vs softkey button

    Note that this question was asked almost 7.5 years ago.
    Generally InfoWinL is not an input control, that is why it has no result. QueryWinL has a TBool result because it asks a Yes/No question.

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