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    9210 and Nokia Activ Server

    I have configured the nokia activ server . And it is working fine with 3330 handset and also with Sagem handset. Yet i could not could not with 9210. For some reason i could not connect to the wireless gateway from 9210 even i have put the ip correctly.

    Anyone could help?

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    RE: 9210 and Nokia Activ Server

    It may be for various reasons. WAP connections configured on 9210 use an ISP connection from where they take the dial in and account information. IS that working. Secondly can you see your request reaching the gateway. What kind of specific error message do you get?
    Can it connect to any other wap pages using your Operators account? if you could be a bit more specific may be we could help you to diagnose in a better way.


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