I've bought my 6600 just 2 weeks ago, installed, tried and uninstalled many programs and have formatted my 6600 (Green+3+*) and my MMC several times in order to get back my fresh 6600.

Everything works fin, except..

The screensaver.

Now as far as I know there are only two settings to modify the screensaver:

1. Timeout
2. Date & time <> Text

Nothing else, right ?

And I have noticed that if there is any info, such as keylock, new sms, missed call, etc. a second, gray bar appears right under the main bar which is displaying time & date (or text).

And it should remain in the display I guess.

But it doesn't. Sometimes it appears and moves together with the main bar and then it suddenly disappears.
Sometimes it appears and disappears after the 1-minute-cycle when the main bar jumps to another row.

This is strange.

Is that normal ?
Has anyone else noticed this ?

Or is it possible that I have damaged any of the system files in ROM ?

Pls help.


Or shall I try