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    Series 80 V1.0 SDK (9500), bug report

    I would like to report a number of missing files in the new Series 80 SDK for the 9500 communicator:

    1) eikfard.h defines a class CEikFindAndReplaceDialog, which is derived from CEikDialog. However, the header file eikdialg.h is not included in eikfard.h.

    This problem is solvable by adding the eikdialg.h include yourself

    2) eiksrv.h includes the eikunder.h header file, apparently for using the MEikUndertakerObserver Interface. However, this eikunder.h header is not available in the epoc32\include folder. It is available in earlier releases of the OS, like 7.0 and 6.0.

    Copying a eikunder.h from a different SDK appears to have solved the problem.

    3) It is impossible to link a printer driver, because the WINS pdrstr.lib and pdrprt.lib libraries aren't there, even though the WINS .dll's are available. ARMI doesn't have the .dll's either, so how this device is supposed to be able to print is anybody's guess.

    4) a list of changes from the 9200 SDK would be very nice. There is the deprecated API list, but there are lots more things that have changed, like .rh files and .rsg files (where on earth has sendnorm.rsg gone?)

    5) Finally, the resource compiler doesn't report the correct line in a .rss file when there is a bug in this file.

    Sander van der Wal

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    Other missing header files

    There are a number of HTTP header files missing from the SDK. These are:

    They exist in the UIQ 2.1 SDK, so they can be copied from there.

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