Hello all,

I've a midlet which is supposed to be activated by AMS and to start and read from the socket on an incoming connection from the server. The scenario is:
1. User goes to the website (PHP) with a WAP browser
2. At some point the website opens a TCP connection to the IP address it has in the server variables (REMOTE_ADDR)
3. The midlet starts and reads N bytes from the inbound connection.

Now, I first thought that the IP reported to the website isn't the phone's IP but either a proxy's address instead (maybe it is - can anyone clarify?). So it seems that PHP is able to open a connection to this address but fails to write to this socket - which means that the connection isn't accepted on the other side - which is quite true, as my midlet with all (proper) push-registry settings doesn't start up on the phone when I'm trying to open this connection.

Can anyone help me out? Or clarify things a bit?

It is NOKIA 6600 that I'm working with.

Big thanks in advance!

Kind regards,