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    Difference between 6.1 and 7.0s?

    I'm looking to start developing with C++ on my Nokia 3650 operating under the Series 60 Symbian 6.1 OS. I found two series 60 sdks, 6.1 and 7.0s. The documentation for 7.0s looks a lot better (at least initially) and was wondering if I would run into problems just using it to develop with. At the very least will I be able to use the documentation from 7.0 and reference 6.1 examples?

    Specifically, I have VS.Net and it looks like the 7.0 documentation explains how to compile the example with VS.Net whereas 6.0 only cover VC 6. I remember there being problems in the past trying to compile example under one compiler or the other.

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    your 3650 has OS version 6.1, so you need to use the SDK 1.2 for developing software on it.

    SDK 2.0 is for OS 7.0s which currently could only be found from 66X0 phones.


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