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Thread: WML and ASP

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    WML and ASP

    I have no problem using the "SESSION" function to pass on variable to another card. The problem I am running into is using that variable to verify some parameters in a SQL query. Is ASP handled differently in WML versus HTML?

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    RE: WML and ASP

    What kind of error are you getting. This sounds less like a WML problem and more like an ASP problem.

    There are some really great ASP/WML tutorials on ASPToday.com as well. I would check them out if you havn't already done so. In particular, take a look at this one.

    -- WAP and ASP - Part I --
    "WAP is a new protocol that will turn mobile telephones into small Internet browsers. Luca Passani goes into WAP basics and how it can be used with ASP. "

    Just do a search on the site for it.

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