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    listing of error msg

    There are times the simulators give out certain errors like "Operations aborted by server". Is there a listing somewhere that explains what these errors mean and possible problems to help troubleshooting.

    Thank you.

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    RE: listing of error msg

    Hi Anita,
    There is not a list that describes these errors. This is because they are very general. Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

    There are several reasons that this could be happening.
    To name just a few...Bad WAP content, The session timed out (don't know the timeout value). I'd believe the latter if you're working in CO or CO-S modes and have been idle for a while.

    In the case that you're using the server simulator included with the Toolkit, then something that you can do to see what's going on under the hood is to follow the tip that I wrote regarding enabling debugging of Server Simulator.


    You can also search for the word "Tip".
    The actual subject heading is:
    Tip: Enable your local Server Simulator Logs for WML debugging

    As with any question ,it's helpful for us to know exactly what we're dealing with. So in the future, please include the JRE version, the simulator you are using, the OS you are using, etc. That way, if we have to reproduce something, it's not a mystery as to how.

    Mike Lupo

    Toolkit Team

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