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    Low earpiece volume on Nokia 6610...Nokia Experts...Help..!

    The maximum audio/speech volume on my Nokia 6610 earpiece is very low as compared to all the other models like 3310, 3315, 8250 2100 etc that i tested my SIM on....its very difficult to clearly understand what the caller is saying if you are in the middle of a crowded street...

    I showed this phone to the Nokia Care Center...and they changed the speaker...but still there was very little improvement...Just yesterday I checked out a brand new 6610 at a showroom and even that had a low max volume....compared to other phones...

    when I checked on the Internet, there were suggestions that I update the software version to 4.74, as this had some improvement in the volume department...Is this true....I want an official word from Nokia experts on this....

    Is this a gennuine product fault with this model itself....? It is targetted at people who should use this phone only from their air conditioned, quiet places??
    what could be the problem...?

    Request Nokia Experts to please help.....I am really frustrated to be in trouble after shelling out a lot of money for this relatively expensive phone....

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    Since this is a forum aimed for mobile developer oriented questions, you could ask the question from Club Nokia Careline.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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    thanks for that reply....
    i have tried several user forums and also the nokia care center...

    but can't any of the developers tell me if they can do some "tweaking" in the software code that actually handles the speech volume amplification levels....

    surely there has to be some way of doing that....

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