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    Installation procedure

    I have developed a small application that uses PC Nokia Connectivity (version 3.0)

    I have prepared a setup procedure form my app to install in Win98/ME/XP, and I install all the required files in the appropiate folder: 'Program File\Common Files\Nokia'. The driver cable and Cell driver are installed and well working, but when I try to start the 'Connection Manager' module I have an error message, the message says that one parameter is incorrect and is not possibile to start the Connection Manager. I suppose that perhaps there is the need to others steps to complete the installation procedure, perhaps do I have to write some keys in the registry ? Where can I find more informations about this matter ?


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    Take a look at the Component Library Reference at section 2.3 Installation Components and Locations on page 18.
    You can search on this forum with connection manager & registry keywords to find some inforamtion detected by users.

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