Has anyone had any success establishing a data call beetween two Symbian phones? By that I mean call from one phone using a data call and accept on the other phone and then acquire control of the call and possibly send data beetween the phones. We need to do the following in our project:

- Establish a data call beetween two pohnes
- Take control of the call in such a manner our application is in control not the default application that handles calls.
- Accepting the call automatically without the default dialogs wolud be a big plus.
- Transfer data beetween the two phones

Has anybody succeeded in doing any of that or has any information on that for any platform (Series 60 or UIQ)?

I can initiate a data call from my applicaton but cannot accept it on the other phone. The standard dialog that is shown only gives the option of accepting over IR which is not usefull. I can acquire ownership of a voice call once I have manually accepted it using the default dialog, but the data call gives no such option. Thanks.

Regards, Aljaz