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    Help Badly Needed

    I must create a WAP web site or something to that effect for my dissertation and i cant seem to find any help on the internet as to how to go about starting it. I have downloaded the Nokia Toolkit but i need to be able to upload a web site onto a real mobile ohone.I have a good understanding of WML but could somebody please guide me in the right direction as im about to start pulling out my hair??

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    No need to worry. WML and WAP websites can be quite simple if you look at it in a simple way.

    Can you please clarify what you mean by
    "need to be able to upload a web site onto a real mobile phone"?
    Do you mean that you'd like to be able to see your web site from your mobile phone? This would be "downloading" onto your phone.

    Just as you called it a"WAP web site"... it is just like any other "website" except that the content is made specially for mobile browsers. So, just treat your WML as you would any web site....
    (1) put your WML file (and related files) on a webserver
    (2) make sure your webserver can be accessed by the Internet and allows the proper MIME types (text/vnd.wap.wml and the like)
    (3) point your phone in the right direction (your WML file URL)...
    Voila! Your browsing your very own WAP web site. :-)

    Have fun! :-)

    ~quyen / Forum Nokia

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