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    Whats a SMS server

    I am new and would like to know whats a SMS server itself.
    1> Is it a h/w or s/w or a entire different entity.

    2> Can i configure it on my webserver(Apache in mycase).

    3> Are there any SMS space providers a regular webspace providers.

    4> Whats the general cost for SMS server.

    5> I want to send daily SMS to about 20000 Mobiles which will be plain text of 160 characters.

    6 >Please mail me at kelkar_mandar@yahoo.com

    Mandar Kelkar

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    RE: Whats a SMS server

    SMS Servers are refered to as an SMSC, and yes it is hardware. The SMSC's are located at the local carriers site. They will interface with the Mobile network switching gear to send messages. Most carriers will not let you access them directly, some will have an SMTP Gateway. Interfacing with the SMSC requires SMTP,SMPP,CIMD or CIMD2 depending on the vendor.

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