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    Encode text message in 8-bit

    Hi experts!

    I'm trying to send a plain text message with special characters in 8-bit using CIMD. But I get a "Message cannot be displayed here" in my phone.

    I'd like to test sending special characters in 8-bit because the telco i'm connected to hav problems in sending special characters in 7-bit format. I tried sending _Oa but I got _Oa instead of @ sign in my phone.

    The packet i sent is below. Pls comment what is wrong.
    032:050003020101 034:454D41494C3A616440742E636F6D0D0A

    Please help.....

    Immediate reply would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you very much!

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    Don't know about the CIMD protocol, but I'd assume there's some problem in the headers you're sending. Are the bits right to indicate that your data is indeed 8-bit? See the SmartMessaging FAQ and perhaps GSM SMS spex to clarify.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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