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    drawImage not syncing?

    Hi there,

    Its very late, so forgive my insane ramblings. I've been asked to look at a render problem we have in one of our games, as we are due to submit tomorrow. Basically we have a tilemapped BG to run on S60 phones. However, because of the small tile size, its not fast enough to draw every tile each frame. So we keep a backbuffer of the last frame, move this by scroll amount and then fill in the gaps. We seem to have a bug where the last frame and the new bits dont always match up. Now this should be fairly straightforward and I really cant see a problem with this method (in theory). It almost seems like there is a syncing problem with drawImage and that some things are getting drawn out of order and thus corrupting the resultant new frame. Can anyone shed any light on this, or offer any experiences in this type of thing? I'm fresh out of ideas as to why this doesnt work correctly.


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    Sounds familiar, had a similar problem for a game demo i made (http:\\remon.mojomedia.at -> projects). It's probably easy to fix although i dont quite remember how i did. Could send me a code snippet and i'll have a look if that doesnt violate any NDAs or anything

    Remon van Vliet
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