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    pcm to amr audio codec

    my question is while encoding from pcm to amr wheather silent data is also encoded into amr frames?
    actually after a pcm to amr encoding on silent data i'm getting a frame of same size as of normal voice data. but ideally amr encoding does not take care of silent data and is ignored
    what CPcmToAmrEncoder exactly handles silence?
    and has the amr encoded frame has any field indicating silent frame.

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    In our usage, the Symbian PCM to AMR encoder simply converts 320 samples of input data into 32 AMR coefficients at a time. This occurs regardless of what the content of the PCM data is (silence, audio).

    In any case, for our streaming application, this is ideal since the recipient will receive data at a more-or-less constant rate, which can be decoded back in PCM and played. If the decoded data is silence, then there's really no issue.

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