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Thread: Nokia 22 Volume

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    Nokia 22 Volume

    I am trying to install a Nokia 22 on a Siemens iSDX using the trunk interface. I can make calls ok, but the volume is very quiet. I found that you can change the volume level during a call, but this resets after the call. Do you know if there is a way of increasing the default volume level?

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    RE: Nokia 22 Volume

    Default volume level can be adjusted with Nokia 22 Configurator software. There are own slides for

    - voice volume (trunk mode)
    - Voice volume (extension mode)
    - Mic sencitivity (trunk mode)
    - Mic sencitivity (extension mode)


    The 0**x (x=0...10) effects only for one call, and the default value is automaticly selected after the call.

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    M2M developer support team

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