Hello, I have a couple of questions. First is the subject of this post.. Does nokia 3510 support midi or only sp-midi files?

I've read the Introduction to midi but it doesn't say much about what is supported. So here are my questions:

1. Is note velocity supported?

2. Which controllers are supported? (i.e. volume, modulation, expression, pitch bend, etc.)

3. Since the 3510 supports 4 simultaneous notes, does this mean it can play 4 simultaneous notes in one channel or is it just one note per channel?

4. What is the note range for each channel?

5. What tempo range is supported?

6. Is tempo change in the middle of the song allowed?

7. Is patch or instrument change in the middle of song supported?

8. For downloading from a wap site, is there a special code needed to let the phone download or you simply just need a link or anchor to the midi file and the phone would download automatically?

9. And lastly for now, are there any other sp-midi editors out there besides Beatnik?

Thank you so much. Hoping for a prompt reply.