I have set up a wap page using ASP.Net mobile controls.
I have downloaded the 3510i simulator and I have the 7250i phone.
I am trying to get the login page to automatically prompt "Use Wallet?" as I have seen on the wallet examples.
I have set the username textbox id to Ecom_User_ID, password id to Ecom_User_Password.
No prompt, but I can select a wallet card and go to user and choose the username in the wallet, but nothing automatic.
I then read that I needed to have a Ecom_SchemaVersion input. Unfortunately I can't get Asp.Net mobile controls to generate a hidden input field, so I just tried using a normal input field set to id Ecom_SchemaVersion.
This all looks OK on the HTML page in IE, but I can't see how to check the WML, as the Nokia Gateway Sim converts the WML to binary.
I have tried the 3510i sim and my real 7250i on my web page, but no automatic Use Wallet? prompt.
Does the SchemaVersion have to be hidden, or set to a particular value?
So does anyone know how to get the wallet prompt to appear, and if this is actually supported in the 7250i?
Also any external web pages where it actually appears, so I can check the 7250i would be useful?